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Our Food

Extremely popular for its rich and typical food

Punjab is extremely popular for its rich and typical food, not only amongst the Indians, but also among the foreigners. Punjabi dishes are healthy and yet has its own fascination. A Punjabi meal is incomplete without makhan (white butter) and lassi which is made with curd. A few of popular Punjabi dishes include, rajma (kidney beans), matar paneer, stuffed parathas, dal makhni (lentil curry) and sarson ka saag (Punjabi style spinach). Dahi, yoghurt is also an essential item to the Punjabi meal. A Punjabi dish is made with a lot of onion, garlic and ginger and tomatoes cooked in pure ghee. It also contains a lot of masala such as cumin, turmeric and mustard.

Sarson Ka Saag

Sarron Da Saag or Sarson ka saag is a popular curry in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan made from mustard leaves (sarson) and spices. This is typically a Punjabi dish tastes really delicious with Makki ki Roti (Indian maize flat bread) and dollops of fresh butter (unprocessed white butter) or best with pure desi ghee (clarified butter).

Makki Ki Roti

Makki Ki Roti comes from the Punjab. The rolling out bread into perfect circular shape will be challenge at first. However, this skill can not be taught and only become better with practice. Serve them by stack them by spreading melted butter between each bread.Customize by adding cumin seeds, garam masala, chopped fresh coriander or other spices on this basic recipes.

Punjabi Kadhi

A spiced up yogurt based curry like dish is a staple among the punjabi’s and a delicacy with the rest of the world. Yes the teasing taste of the khadi, with its sourness and the flavors of asafoetida, pakoras , etc make this Khadi truly delicious.

Matar Paneer

Mattar Paneer also called Cottage Cheese and Pea Curry and is one of the famous dishes you will find in indian cusines. When Peas currey mixed with Cheese with addes indian spices it gives a taste of its own. Lets find out the easies way to cook for our family.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is another popular Punjabi recipe. You could see dal makhani being served in marriages, engagements and almost any other kind of parties in India. It is not only popular in North India, but also South India.

Aloo Palak

The Punjabis delight in preparing simple dishes and this recipe is simplicity itself! Mashed potatoes and spinach come together with Punjabi Chole masala in this easy to make, distinctly flavoured and scrumptious gravy. The milk added to this recipe makes it’s a creamy mouth watering treat and Chole masala makes it very chatpata. Serve this subzi hot with Rotis or Parathas.

Aloo Gobi

This simple Punjabi recipe of Aloo Gobi should have been one of my earlier posts. I wonder why it took so long for me to post a recipe that is a regular at home and also the husband’s favorite. I think, things we make everyday or see everyday, often get overlooked. As they say… the grass is greener on the other side. The everyday dal sabzi gets a miss while the bagels and burgers gets a lot of attention.

Gobi Ka Paratha

Every one loves the traditional aloo ka Paratha and a lot of us thoroughly enjoy the occasional Gobi ka Paratha. The Punjabis in their ingenious way have invented this delectable combination that everyone can enjoy. Boiled and mashed aloo and Gobi are combined with the essential Punjabi masalas to create this wonderful Punjabi Paratha. Using whole wheat flour instead of plain flour or Maida makes this Parathas healthy and tasty.

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